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"People of conscience need to break their makes no sense to invest in companies that undermine our future." Desmond Tutu

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A concerned group of leaders including scientist James Hansen, author Bill McKibben and former US Vice President Al Gore have been talking about the driving forces behind global warming for decades. One of the powerful outcomes of the heightened awareness of our changing climate has been the recent shift away from fossil fuel investments by a diverse group of institutional investors. As this wave of institutional divestment accelerates, individual investors will come to embrace the same smart thinking - and a global investor-driven push for a new sustainable energy economy will become a powerful engine of change.

Whether you only have a few dollars invested or you have a big portfolio, it doesn't matter. Any investor can add their voice to the demand for changing the way we power the world. The impact of divestment will be driven by the number of people who are wise enough to take action.

Why Divest? If you've decided to join the rapidly growing community of "divestors," you'll find helpful ideas and connections on this site. On the other hand, if you're wondering why personal divestment matters, consider these reasons.

Divesting Steps Divesting from fossil fuels isn't hard. The first piece of the puzzle is to look at whether your current investments include fossil fuel stocks. More likely than not, you are at least invested in the major fossil fuel suppliers - but that's easy to handle and that's a great place to focus.



The next step is to decide where to reinvest your money. The goal is to arrive at an answer that meets your normal investment style - whether you tend to invest aggressively or conservatively. Despite what you may hear, divesting is simple and there's a good chance you'll be reducing risk in your portfolio. Here's an easy way to break it down:

Reinvest: Fossil Fuel Free Investments Reinvest: The Clean Energy Economy Reinvest: Clean Energy Projects at Home

Many investment advisors make the point that your investment decisions should allow you to sleep at night. Sleep better by knowing that you've done something to change the future for your kids and everybody who will come after you. And, you'll be reducing the long term risk in your portfolio at the same time. So, don't wait.

Add your voice now to the growing community of people who are calling for a new global clean energy economy. People and institutions who have committed to supporting sustainable energy solutions at the intersection of business, government, and the environment. A community of religious leaders, journalists, scientists, politicians, business people, medical professionals, teachers....people from every country, people from every religion, and people from every political party....people who are creating a better way to power the world.

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