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Why Divest?

For people who care about humanity, the planet, and their investments - there are four clear reasons why divesting from fossil fuels is obvious and essential:

The most common argument against personal divestment is the idea that collectively individual investors do not represent enough money - that the actions of divestors will not move the needle because their financial clout is too small. But, that argument completely misses the point. Divestment is about voting with your personal investments. As the number of divestors grows, the voice of the divestor community will join the global call for a new clean energy economy. The true power of individual divestment is rooted in the number of people who choose to take action.

What you do with your money also sends a message to the institutions in our communities that are the major investors - pension funds, university endowments, large non-profits, to name a few. The institutional investors have enormous financial influence, and the divestment discussion within their ranks is growing. Show your support by taking action with your own money.

Many investment advisors make the point that your investment decisions should allow you to sleep at night. Sleep better by knowing that you've done something to change the future for your kids and everybody who will come after you. Be the change.

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